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Calling the office for order updates (After 3pm) before the 60 minute window has begun only slows down our process.

Our Storefront:

408 S. Indiana St., Mooresville, IN
Phone: 317.834.6368


Please Note we have upgraded our driver dashboard, as a result some order status’ have slightly different meanings.

Customers that register an account may view an orders’ status under  ‘My Account < Orders’ tab.

Order Status Types:

Processing – Once digital payments are authorized orders are prepared for delivery by our Office Personnel.
Driver AssignedA driver is returning to the office or headed to your ordering location to wait for your order. Orders are often placed during this time and ready to be claimed via the Driver Dashboard.
Out For Delivery – A Driver has claimed each order in their assigned route, reviewed its details, and waiting for restaurant(s) to finish up their orders.
Delivery has started! Orders have been picked up, keep your phone close your driver will be calling you soon to inform you they are already on their way!
CompletedAfter arriving or following order drop-off instructions, drivers will mark orders delivered. Registered customers and those that provide an email will receive a copy of their receipt electronically. Please record write-in tips for your records. Photo proof via email can also be requested for ‘No-Contact’ deliveries.

If there is any error with your order it is best to call the office immediately so that, if possible, we can work with your delivery location to correct any mistakes. It is paramount that customer’s check their order upon arrival, as signing indicates your order is complete and correct. Refunds after a signature has been given post delivery may not be guaranteed.