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September 10th an intregal employee to our operation called out sick, so i headed in to cover for them only to arrive and see that they had cleared out both the Drawer and our Safe money(just over $1100) that was to be used over the entire weekend.

This is detrimental to our process as we pay in cash at our local establishments but do not receive payment from the bank until Monday. Without being able to pay for all orders over the course of a weekend we will be forced to closed at least temporarily early on Sundays or even Mondays to avoid cash flow problems. With less staff we may even be forced to reduce office hours as well.
The police have been notified but unless I can prove one way or the other then these funds will likely never be returned. Eventually there will not be enough to operate through the weekend and I fear many of our regular elderly/disabled patrons will simply lose out on food that day and that is a very hard pill to swallow for me personally. I continued Mooresville Menu because I believe it has a valuable place serving the community in a way no other delivery service is willing to do.


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