Please Allow 60 – 90 Min for Delivery

Closed Tues

Delivery Hours

Wed – Mon

11am – 9pm

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6oz Size

Flavors May Change each week, and we will be stocking a very small inventory to preserve quality.

This weeks New flavors and updates from The One and Only Cheesecake Lady Herself can be found on Social Media Here!

Walk-In Orders (3:30-8:30) will now be accepted and offer an ‘in-store’ discount of 3.99. All orders must still be placed on our website for payment, even Cash Orders.

No ‘Out Of Area’ Orders in the Plainfield Area (North of I-70) will be eligible for Cheesecake Orders. We apologize for the inconvenience but Midwest Pizza King would be Happy to Serve you Cheesecakes!